King Corcoran buys”Session Biggest Winner” title for $20K – almost 50% of a teacher’s salary

Richard Corcoran thinks he’s a monarch not the Speaker of the Florida House. He feels entitled to negotiate budgets and train bills in secrecy. He thinks nothing of calling teachers “downright evil.” He and his cronies, the Koch Bros., lambaste “corporate welfare” when it comes to Enterprise Florida but plow $200M into the blatant corporate Charter welfare “Schools of…

Keep Urging Gov. Scott to Veto HB 7069 – this is a numbers game

Keep urging Governor Scott to Veto HB 7069! Our request is gaining traction.

Every major newspaper agrees and has written compelling op-eds asking for a veto. This is a numbers game, so keep reaching out to Gov. Scott.

The Senate passed HB 7069, the worst package of public education policies in Florida history, by a single vote. It was blatantly designed to accelerate the privatization of Florida public education.

This bad Corporate Charter Welfare policy robs districts of Title 1 money and grants charters a range of unfair advantages to aggressively tip the scales against district schools.

Take action now! Keep urging Governor Scott to Veto 7069

This summer HB 7069 will trigger the immediate transfer of 114 “D and F” public schools to out of state charters, entrusting them with the education of Florida’s most vulnerable students. All in the absence of any proof charter chains will produce turnaround success.
If that’s not enough, HB 7069 loads corporate charter chains with $140 million and so much power, its hard believe that there’s any love left among legislators for Florida’s 2.8 million public school children or their teachers.

House Speaker Corcoran produced HB 7069 along with Rep. Manny Diaz, Rep. Michael Bileca and Jeb’s lobbyists. They made sure HB 7069 was cross-pollinated with K12 education policy and tied to a budget that offered some good things such as recess to  manipulate public sentiment. Predictably, Speaker Corcoran is shamelessly using recess to justify the damage his bad bill will cause.

Please tell Governor Scott to veto HB 7069

House leadership made our kids pawns in Florida’s miserable backroom school “reform” game.

The 2017 session saw Speaker Corcoran’s promise of transparency dissolve into a closed circle of secrecy. All in the name of growing charters at the expense of district schools.

We must wake up to the overwhelming evidence that “Choice” is just old-school privatization.

If we don’t fight this, we will lose our public schools.

Let Gov. Scott know you expect him to veto 7069.


Read more about why Governor Scott must veto HB 7069 here.


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Tell the Senate to Vote NO on HB 7069 – The worst list of education policies ever

Florida’s 2.8 million public school children need your help now. Both the Budget and HB 7069, the Conforming bill, which contains an inappropriate number of policies and barely vetted concepts, will face an up/down vote in both the House and the Senate Monday afternoon. Take action now! Speaker Corcoran promised transparency, but delivered the opposite when he…