Identify the best public school option for your child:

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About the Program:

  • What special/magnet programs does the school offer?
  • How are special/magnet programs within the school structured?
  • How many students are accepted?
  • What are the admission requirements?  What are the requirements to remain enrolled?
  • What academic/professional development guidance is provided to students?
  • What special program-specific certifications or training does administration/faculty have?
  • What type of student is successful in your program?
  • What type of student is most challenged in your program?
  • Are there any fees involved with the school or magnet program?
  • Is transportation is provided to the school? Is there a required fee?

Academics and electives:

  • What special courses and/or electives are required of students enrolled in the program?
  • Are students enrolled in the program allowed any flexibility in selecting their classes?
  • What support does the program provide to special needs students?
  • What support does the program offer to gifted students?
  • What extra-curricular clubs or activities are available to all students at the school?
  • What special activities or clubs are exclusive to the program?
  • What percentage of students enrolled complete the program?
  • Are students able to remain enrolled in the school if they withdraw from the program?

Parent Involvement:

  • What are the parent involvement opportunities for students enrolled in the school/program?
  • Are there requirements through fees or parent volunteer hours to keep students enrolled in the program?
  • How do teachers and administrators communicate with parents at your school?

For High School:

  • What AP classes are offered the school?
  • Are students able to earn college credit through dual enrollment?
  • Are students exposed to professional experience or on the job training?
  • Do students have the opportunity to participate in internships or other career opportunities?
  • Do students graduate with a technical certification, ready to work?
  • What percentage of students enrolled in the program are admitted to college?
  • What is the range of career opportunities available to students enrolled in your program?